Anonymous Has Been Identified!

You may recall, my May 11th post – Anonymous. Good new! I chased down the artists. The signage was in front of me all along – just a few yards from the artwork. It was easy to miss, I told myself. What surprised me was that the artwork had been there since 2010.  How many times had I walked past without a glance?  Which proves my initial premise – chasing art is a delicate business.  You must keep your eyes and heart opened to the possibilities that surround us!

Project:  Studio in the City – Viewfinder

Installed:  May 2010 at Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, Canada

Lead Artist:  James Koester

Student Artists:  Jessie Ning, Wen-Ching Shang, Mandana Salimian, Fernanda dos Santos Seffrin, Shaghayegh Namazi, Ilinca Ianorescu, Shamus Isaztt,

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