Terracotta Warriors: The Golden Warrior

Throughout China’s history,  yellow or gold was considered to be the most beautiful colour.  Found in royal attire and used to decorate royal palaces and temples, yellow corresponds with the earth and signifies wealth, happiness and freedom from worldly cares. Yellow symbolized ancient China’s five legendary emperors, traditionally believed to be the founders of the Chinese state. In later Chinese history, followers of Confucian teachings considered these rulers to be the ideal, even morally perfect. In Chinese mythology, the Yellow Emperor (2,697 B.C.E to 2,598 B.C.E), one of the five ancients, is thought to be the ancestor of all Han Chinese and the inventor of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Map Position: #2 – 1067 W Cordova Street (Inside)

The Golden Warrior

Artist: Wilfrido Limvalencia

Published by Rebecca Budd

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