Terracotta Warriors: Wu Chang

Nephrite Jade! They called the stone Yu in Chinese. Treasured by the inhabitants of China for more than six millennia, no other stone has claimed this venerated status. Jade has more than five hundred Chinese characters based on the root name, many of which were associated with value, beauty, power and riches. Confucius is thought to have summarized the five human virtues thought to be embodied by jade: humanity, moral integrity, wisdom, justice, and perseverance were represented respectively by the warm glow, purity, pleasant ringing, hardness and durability of jade.


“The scholar does not consider gold and jade to be precious treasures, but loyalty and good faith.”

― Confucius, The Ethics of Confucius

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Map Position: #31 – 7700 Minoru Gate, City of Richmond

Wu Chang

Artist: Tiana Kaczor

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