Terracotta Warriors: Reverence

Qin Shi Huang spared no expense at creating his final resting place. He called upon approximately 700,000 workers from the far reaches of all his provinces.  Their task was to construct a subterranean city within a gigantic mound to replicate a scale model of Qin Shi Huang’s palace, his empire and the world. The workers laboured until the death of their emperor. To safeguard and protect the emperor’s treasure, automatically triggered weapons were installed to discourage would-be tomb robbers.  Brandon Gabriel’s intricate dragon celebrates the artistic endeavours of those who built the city for their emperor.


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Map Position: #25 Parker Place Mall (Inside)


Artist: Brandon Gabriel

4 Replies to “Terracotta Warriors: Reverence”

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I must confess that sometimes I read the last page of the book before I start the beginning. (But don’t tell anyone)


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