Terracotta Warriors: Reflect Upon the Glory Days


The Terracotta Warrior guarding the grand entrance of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce bears an all-embracing name: Reflect Upon the Glory Days, Be the Eternal Power of Canada.

The first recorded visit by Chinese people to North America was in 1788. It was a small contingency. Only 30 to 40 men came from China to be employed at shipwrights. They help craft the first European type vessel built in the Pacific Northwest, at Nootka Sound, which is now British Columbia, Canada. The name of the ship was North West America.

Seventy years later, the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush of 1858 turned this trickle into large-scale immigration. Settlements of Chinese sprung up in Victoria and Vancouver. In the 1880’s, the Canadian Pacific Railroad employed Chinese to lay tracks over the most difficult terrain – The Canadian Rockies. These were Glory Days! Canadian Chinese continue to contribute to the greatness, the “Eternal Power” of our country, Canada.

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Map Position: #28 –5811 Cooney Road, Richmond

Reflect Upon the Glory Days, Be the Eternal Power of Canada.

Artist: Herman Zheng

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