Terracotta Warriors: Great Wall and Meng Jiangnu

Lady Meng Jiangnu is the heroine of a Chinese folk narrative.  Meng Jiangnu’s beloved husband, Fan Qiliang, was captured and sent to labour on the Great Wall.  When she did not hear from her husband, Meng Jiangnu set out for the Great Wall, only to find that he had died before she could reach him.  Her bitter weeping and howls brought down a section of the Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall was built on the backs of tens of thousands of Chinese commoners.  During its construction it was known as “the longest cemetery on earth.”  Estimates suggest that the lives of more than one million people were sacrificed to this edifice.

The Temple of Lady Meng Jiangnu, established by the Song Dynasty approximately 1000 years ago, is positioned at the pinnacle of the Phoenix Mountain at the eastern beginning of the Great Wall.  To this day, Lady Meng Jiangnu’s memory is preserved and treasured.

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Map Position: #14 – 268 Keefer Street (Inside)

Great Wall and Meng Jiangnu

Artist: Arthur Cheng

The Terracotta Warriors Gallery is open for viewing.

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