“Women should be…

Mary Cassatt“Women should be someone and not something.”
Mary Cassatt

Happy Belated Birthday, Mary Cassatt (May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926)


    1. Clanmother

      Thank you so much for the “heads-up.” I will check with the posts – I notice that sometimes they shut off the comments without me knowing. I am learning WordPress as I go singing merrily along. 🙂

    1. Clanmother

      Thank you so much for your kind consideration. I have been enjoying following your blog and hearing your voice. I am glad that we connected over the blogger miles and are sharing a journey of discovery – together. That is the best of all awards. You made my day brilliant!

    1. Clanmother

      Thank you for this excellent link! I especially liked your thoughts on how women were viewed within the artistic community. Indeed,it gives meaning and power to this quote.

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