Happy Birthday, Peter Paul Rubens

Rubens (June 28, 1577 – May 30, 1640) was known and loved for his extravagant Baroque style that accentuated movement and colour. His popularity with the nobility and art collectors throughout Europe was legendary.  He was knighted by Philip IV, King of Spain and Charles 1, King of England.

“My talent is such that no undertaking, however vast in size… has ever surpassed my courage.”

Peter Paul Rubens

 Happy Birthday, Rubens


    • You are truly remarkable! I have followed your blog for over a year, and am continually amazed by your grasp of history, art, science, current and political affairs. This link adds much to my understanding. You are right. Artistic endeavor does not occur in isolation, but within the complexities of the human struggle for survival and supremacy. When we look at a painting we are seeing a portrayal of their world, and a insight into ours! Thank you!!

  1. Oh, he is one of my favourite painters, his works are incredibly impressive! However, in recent years, the so-called private art collectors bought out some of his most impressive works, then the public is no longer being able to see those paintings any more, what a pity that art could be privatised! The Massacre of the Innocents, Samson and Delilah of his are my favourites.

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