Happy Birthday, Jean-Antoine Watteau

 “I create the painting in my mind, color gives me inspiration, passion is very important, so I am looking for radiance, with all my soul.”  Antoine Watteau (1684-1721)

French Rococo Painter

Happy Birthday

Published by Rebecca Budd

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jean-Antoine Watteau

    1. I confess that I know very little about this artist. During his short 36 years, he created masterpieces that revitalized the waning Baroque style. After his death, his art fell out of fashion and during the French Revolution his paintings, which were set in lavish pastoral settings, reminded everyone about the excesses of the monarchy and aristocracy. But Watteau and the Rococo came back into fashion in the 1830’s. Artistic genius cannot be held back!


  1. The other day, another blogger reminded me of the influence of Watteau in the film Barry Lyndon. I see he was also referenced in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Yet another artist who died early but whose work still influences us today.


    1. How interesting. I just found out that Claude Debussy wrote a piece for solo piano L’Isle Joyeuse, that some believe were inspired by Watteau’s paintings. I have enjoyed noting the birthdays of artists – I learn so much from the exercise!!! 🙂


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