Happy Belated Birthday, Umberto Boccioni



“The sixteen people around you in a rolling motor bus are in turn and at the same time one, ten, four, three; they are motionless and they change places; they come and go, bound into the street, are suddenly swallowed up by the sunshine, then come back and sit before you, like persistent symbols of universal vibration.” 
Umberto Boccioni October 19, 1882 – 17 August 17, 1916

Italian painter and sculptor who was a strong influence in the Futurism movement. The Museum of Modern Art held a major retrospective in 1988.


    • Thank you!!! Boccioni accomplished so much in his short lifetime. He was brilliant! In 1906, he spent time in Paris where he studied Impressionist and Post-Impressionist styles. He even spent time in Russia before returning to Italy in 1907. He was a blazing comet! I looked up the definition of Futurism on line. It is considered a “movement in the fine arts attempting to give artistic form to the dynamism and speed of industrial technology.”

      Alas, in 1916 he was drafted into the Italian Army re: WWI and was thrown from his horse during a training exercise.

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