Happy Birthday, Jan Lievens

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday, Jan Lievens (October 24, 1607 – June 4, 1674) A Dutch painter whose career started at the age of 12.  In 1620, he came to the attention of Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, who purchased a painting that was subsequently presented to James I.  Jan Lievens was a friend of Rembrandt van Rijn and shared a studio with him from about 1626 – 1631.  What collaboration!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jan Lievens

    1. Thank you! There was a brisk chill in the air that sunny December day. We had just come from a nearby town that had a chocolate factory – what a wonderful aroma. Sometimes photos are just waiting for someone to click the camera. Thank you for your comments – much appreciated!


  1. I am sure we all could paint if we shared a flat with Rembrandt van Rijn. lol

    Thanks for the link. I know it will just go in my Bookmarks, but every once in a while I might take a peek at all the art.


    1. Can you imagine what energy there was in their workspace?!! I know exactly what you mean about Bookmarks. I have so many, but like you, someday I know that I will return to them. Now, I am including hyperlinks in my posts, for my own use! So much information, so many stories – and that is the best part of it all – we will never, ever run out of things to learn.


      1. Me too!! Sometimes I feel the internet is like a huge smorgasbord – at first I overeat and then I say to myself, I should limit my intake. And then, I reason – there are no calories involved, so dig in…. 🙂


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