Happy Birthday, Marina Abramović

“Once, Picasso was asked what his paintings meant. He said, “Do you ever know what the birds are singing? You don’t. But you listen to them anyway.” So, sometimes with art, it is important
just to look.”

Marina Abramović


Happy Birthday, Marina Abramović

(November 30, 1946 – ) Performance artist who explores the connection between the performer and audience.

“The hardest thing is to do something which is close to nothing because it is demanding all of you.”
Marina Abramović

8 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Marina Abramović”

    1. I agree – we think that action is the most difficult, until we experience those moments when time seems to stand still…


      1. I often think that the art of nothingness should be taught at school. Imagine giving a 5 year old the task of doing nothing; could he/she bear it 😀


      2. A very interesting thought!!!! A 5-year-old’s curiosity measurement is off the scale. Hmmmm….


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