Street Art & Connections


Art cannot be contained behind the walls of stately palaces, posh galleries or antiquated museums. Art is not the sole domain of private collectors.  For me, art is a universal concept that connects artist and explorer, teacher and student, adult and child.  Over the centuries, attempts to structure creativity have, in many cases, brought about the opposite effect.  New art forms came into being, allowing us to redefine our personal connections to creative endeavours.


Street Art is all about connections.  Street artists have brought art to a public space; they communicate with people where they work, live, play.  There is a strong sense of activism and a determination to start a dialogue about things that matter and are relevant to our time, and to our communities both local and global.  Whether it takes the form of graffiti, poster art, or flash mobs, we are challenged to stop, to pay attention, to participate, to enjoy.

A special thanks to GraffitiLux & Murals for inspiring me to look deeper into this art-form.


Published by Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

17 thoughts on “Street Art & Connections

  1. WOW! What an honor. I’m spellbound by this post. I only knew your other blog, and now I know this one, too! I feel a bit humbled, that I have inspired you. ❤ Rebecca, I found joy in street art while my mother was dying. It is deeply seeded into my life's soul.
    OH! I found an urban Fairy's house today.. & a mural with a magician & a magic city.
    As you know, it is kids' month on GLaM. I am touched by all who are responding to the beauty of street art that is painted for the eyes of children from the hearts of adults.
    Your photos will be my first post after kids' month. That will be in less than 3 weeks! I'll let you know. ❤

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  2. I’m always fascinated by signs and graphics. I love these stop signs, especially with the ones that don’t say stop on them. When I travel to other countries, I often find myself taking photographs of their signs, I like the colours, the typography and the language itself: an art form, I suppose.

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    1. I share your fascination and have attempted to learn a few along the way. While I can assure you with great certainty that I am not a linguist, I enjoy the sounds, phrasing, nuances of other languages. My most recent foray was Gaelic, which as you know is ancient (but is making a comeback). I agree – language itself is an art form, one that defines us as individuals as well as societies. When you learn a new language (or attempt it as I do), you become aware that there are many ways to transfer ideas, thoughts, sentiments. Check out this link – I think you will find it interesting.

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  3. Street Art is coming into its own now, I believe. There are several wonderful paintings in North Vancouver. Excellent and original. Now too long ago, while passing the railroad tracks, I saw a beautiful work of art on a railroad car. Art has taken different forms though the centuries, but it would seem that each artist endeavored to express their feelings in their own unique way.

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    1. Ich stimme voll und ganz. Ich glaube, dass Kunst und Schönheit unserer Verbindung zur Natur kommen – das ist, wenn ich das Gefühl, das Leben. Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Anmerkungen und zu besuchen.


      1. Thank you Martina for sharing your wisdom within our community. In the end, we will only remember the connections that we have made, the love that we have given and received. This is what gives life meaning and hope.

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