Christmas in Poland with Antoni Piotrowski

Antoni Piotrowski – Ubieranie choinki 1916 (Public Domain)

Antoni Piotrowski was a Polish Romanticist and realist painter who worked as a war correspondent and illustrator for various Western European weeklies and periodicals in late-19th century during the Liberation of Bulgaria. He saw first-hand the horrors of the wars,  painting scenes from the Battle of Slivnitsa, the storming of Tsaribrod and the Bulgarian entry in Pirot.

This painting of two sisters decorating a Christmas tree becomes even more poignant, knowing his background. He was honoured with an Order of Bravery for his courage during those dark times.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas in Poland with Antoni Piotrowski

  1. For some reason, I had trouble getting into this post and finally, after must searching was able to get the photo of the two girls decorating their tree. Really a meaningful picture after all that the artist had gone through. Thank you for sharing–very important.

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    1. So glad that you were able to view the posts. There is a wonderful bond between the two sisters, which is clearly evident in the way Piotowski positioned the girls.


    1. Ich habe dieses Jahr so ​​viel über Weihnachtsbäume gelernt. Vielen Dank, dass Sie mit mir die Schönheit dieser magischen Jahreszeit feiern. Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrer Familie alles Gute für 2020.


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