Merry Christmas from ChasingArt

“It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who’s around it.”

Charlie Brown

Albert Chevallier Tayler – The Christmas Tree 1911 (England)
Carl Oesterley junior Ölgemälde Koenigin Marie von-Hannover Beschenkung vor Weihnachtsbaum 1908(Germany)
Lovis Corinth Weihnachtsbescherung 1913 (Germany)
Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth, Children by the Christmas tree (Germany)

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12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from ChasingArt

  1. I love this post of the Christmas trees and those around them that enjoy them. I especially like the last one. I notice that the lights on the Christmas tree are real candles. We do not do that any more because of the fire hazard. I only remember lite candles on the Christmas tree once in my young days at the Carl and Ruth Swanson (Don Swanson parents) home. She had real candles on her tree, however to light them we all had to be very careful and we only let them burn while we were very close by. Then, we carefully blew them all out! Such a good memory!

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    1. I remember one of my acquaintances insisted on “real” candles on his tree. I understand that since the Christmas that the fire truck had to make an appearance, the candles have been replaced. They are a fire hazard, but they must have been beautiful!


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