#Friday Painting: The Bedroom of Elizabeth of Bavaria by Franz Xavier Nachtmann

The Bedroom of Elizabeth of Bavaria (Schloss Tegernsee) by Franz Xavier Nachtmann (1799 – 1846)

There is a serenity within this painting that comes from the soft colours that envelope the young girl at the desk. She appears to be reading a book or looking at a small painting.

The artist, Franz Xavier Nachtmann (1799 -1846) was unknown to me. And I could find very little information on him other than that he was a German painter who studied at the the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich from 1814 – 1819. He died on December 17, 1846.

This is the bedroom of Elizabeth of Bavaria as a young girl. Sisi, as she was nicknamed, was born in 1837 into the royal Bavarian House of Wittelsbach. In 1854, she married Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and became Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia. She was only sixteen years old.

No other Empress is as famous as Sisi.

Schloss Tegernsee was the summer residence of the Wittelsbachs.

Elizabeth (Sisi) of Bavaria’s life was marked with sadness and ill-health. She was beloved by her husband and the people who called her their Empress

Art holds many stories that entice us to look deeper and consider the circumstances and nuances surrounding a painting. When I turned the page on the calendar to November 9, I had no idea that I would be meeting up with a young Sisi.