#FridayPainting: Henri Lucien Doucet “Le Soir au Chateau”

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021!

Le Soir au Chateau, 1890 by Henri Lucien Doucet (Public Domain)

Henri Lucien Doucet (1856 – 1895) is the last in the 2020 #FridayPainting series. And what better way to bring 2020 to a conclusion than with a scene where friends and family come together for a social evening. Doucet was known for piquant, sparkling representations of modern life, eminently Parisian in style, which comes through in this heartwarming scene.

There is sense of belonging in the casual poses and seating arrangement of men and women. The interior and exterior merge with the wide expanse of an open window. I envision the soft voices and laughter coming across the canvas.

Henri Lucien Doucet painted in oils and pastels and his subjects varied from historical scenes and portraits but he is best known for his genre scenes. . He was known to be confrontational. Perhaps his audacious nature brought him the success, fame and awards he enjoyed from an young age.