#FridayPainting: Gustav Klimt “Lady with Fur Hat and Boa”

“I have the gift of neither the spoken nor the written word, especially if I have to say something about myself or my work. Whoever wants to know something about me -as an artist, the only notable thing- ought to look carefully at my pictures and try and see in them what I am and what I want to do.” Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt “Lady in Fur Hat and Boa. Gustav Klimt. 1909 (Public Domain)

Gustav Klimt loved women and created the famous paintings that capture the story of a remarkable time in history. The names of his paintings are as well-known as his own.

The Kiss
Judith and the Head of Holofernes
The Three Ages of Woman
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer II

Gustav Klimt’s “The “Lady with Fur Hat and Boa” is a 1909 painting which has been created in the tradition of Art Nouveau but endowed with his distinct style and colour. While the origin of the painting, and indeed, the Lady’s name remains unknown, it is obvious that there was a strong connection between them.

Flamboyant and stylish with her fabulous fur hat and boa, she is looking to the left side as if something has captured her attention. Her eyebrows, lightly arched, are a contrast to her mouth which remains partially hidden. The swirls of bright orange hair frame her face, adding a vibrancy against the dark tones of the painting.

I can only imagine all the stories that are held within the painting of The Lady with Fur Hat and Boa.

Gustav Klimt “Lady in Fur Hat and Boa. Gustav Klimt. 1909 (Public Domain)

I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I’m not certain of whether it’s true.” Gustav Klimt

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9 thoughts on “#FridayPainting: Gustav Klimt “Lady with Fur Hat and Boa”

  1. I find it interesting that our author admits that he has no talent or ability for the use words, but he does admit to his love of art. As we look carefully and examine this work of Art, we can tell that he is careful to explain and tell his story by use of colors and the positioning of the face and body. His way to “tell” his story! ! A very good “read”.

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    1. Have you noticed that ever artist doubts his work and creativity. I think that suggest that the learning process is never at an end. And that gives me great comfort. I am delighted that you enjoyed this post/painting. I enjoy exploring beyond Gustav Klimt’s well-known paintings – there are so many stories.

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