#FridayPainting: Charles Auguste Émile Durand aka Carolus-Duran “Portrait de Mme Carolus-Duran, née Pauline Croizette”

Charles Auguste Émile Durand, known as Carolus-Duran was a French painter and art instructor. Well connected, he was renowned for his stylish depictions of members of high society in Third Republic France.

Charles Auguste Émile Durand aka Carolus-Duran (1837-1917) – Portrait de Mme Carolus-Duran, née Pauline Croizette (Public Domain)

Born on July 4, 1837 in Lille, a city in the northern part of France, in French Flanders, Carolus-Duran was the son of a hotel owner.

Carolus-Duran achieved great success during his lifetime. His influence is captured in the list of famous artists who were his pupils.

To name a few of the long list of famous artist taught by Carolus-Duran: John Singer Sargent and his distant cousin, Ralph Wormeley Curtis, Jan Stanislawski, the Polish modernist painter, Theodore Robinson, an American Impressionist who had a close friendship with Claude Monet and Mariette Leslie Cotton an American artist who usually gave her name as Mrs. Leslie Cotton.

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