#FridayPainting: John William Waterhouse “Destiny”

Happy New Year!

We have come to New Year’s Eve and await the arrival of a new year – 2022. “Destiny” by John William Waterhouse is the last painting in my 2021 Art Calendar. I sense, within this beautiful and complex painting, a poignant farewell to a year of many events and happenings.

My 2022 Art Calendar will be unveiled on January 1, 2022. I look forward to the adventures ahead. Behind every artwork a story is waiting to be discovered.

“Waterhouse’s painting shows a beautiful woman raising a glass to her mouth in a farewell toast for the departing warriors. She appears lost in her thoughts as she stands in what appears to be a loggia, an Italian style outdoor room or corridor with views out to a marshy area. An open book sits on a desk in front of her.” John William Waterhouse

John William Waterhouse (1849 -1917) “Destiny” 1900, Oil on Canvas Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum

21 Replies to “#FridayPainting: John William Waterhouse “Destiny””

  1. I love my Art Calendar, and what a lovely painting for the last day of the year. I have it beside me here and I am enjoying the many details, the interesting background, the book, I think, in front of her for study. It would seem that she is taking a little time off for something delicious in the bowl, before continuing her study. She is beautifully dressed. I have enjoyed this year, and I am excited to learn there is another on the way. Let us have a happy first day of the year and on to happy days of 2022!

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    1. Thank you Cindy. I agree – Waterhouse captured the story which allowed the viewer to enter an alternative universe. Happy New Year – my warmest wishes for you and your as we enter a new year.


  2. This would be a beautiful image for our Ekphrastic poetry challenge inspired by works of art. I love the woman! She looks out at sea possibly wondering when her man will come home. Happy New Year, Rebecca. ❤

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    1. Wonderful – I will keep this photo close by for that challenge. Your thoughts on this painting resonate with the story behind the photo. This is what I found out in my mini research of this painting: “Donated by Waterhouse in 1900 to the Artists’ War Fund for British casualties and those widowed during the second Boer War, “Destiny” features a young woman holding a valedictory bowl for departing ships that are reflected in a circular mirror, one that simultaneously allows viewers to look into a private room and out of an elevated window.”https://www.erudit.org/en/journals/ravon/2007-n47-ravon1893/016699ar/

      I have already worked with the syllable counter, which is brilliant. 2022 will be a year of poetry!! Exciting!!

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      1. Ohhhh that is quite beautiful, isn’t it? I do love the women in his art. I wonder if this woman is pregnant and wondering about the baby she carries? ❤

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    1. Wasn’t that a great painting to end 2021!! Destiny is ready to enter 2022 with us. My quote for today: “We can know only that we know nothing. And that is the highest degree of human wisdom.” Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

      Happy New Year!!!

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    1. Happy New Year, Marina! Many thanks for a wonderful 2021 together. I am grateful that we are entering another years of possibilities together. Hugs and more hugs coming across the ocean.

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