L’Atelier Rouge at the MoMA

A few months ago, when I was lamenting that travel had been curtailed, my husband Don reminded me that if I stand still, the world would come to me.

The world has indeed come to me.

Through the alchemy of technology, I have travelled the world, virtually, from my kitchen table. Today, I have arrived virtually at the Museum of Modern Art to see the unveiling of Matisse: The Red Studio, which will be displayed at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, from May 1, 2022 – September 10, 2022.

Red has always been my colour of choice.

I am inspired by Red’s boldness, vigour and passion for life.

Red & Yellow (Photo by Rebecca Budd)

Join me virtually at the MoMa to view The Red Studio: The Journey of a Painting.

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24 thoughts on “L’Atelier Rouge at the MoMA

  1. Very interesting – especially when the review called his work, ‘hideous.’
    This is actually helpful for me right now – to stick to my core ‘visions’ and direction of each work, even in the way it’s presented to the public, as a new person in the museum system came in and started saying how she wanted to change – bascially the entire first half of my show – including the entrance….

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    1. (There is a glitch today in the comment box, and it freezes… but the ‘enter’ worked… Here is part two!) It was obvious to me in several parts of the unsolicited feedback, that she knew nothing about the months of planning and discussion with the directors, or the intent to slow down the pace of the visitor – to invite them to leave their troubles outside and entre my world, walk in my shoes, and see through the eyes of an artist. I was so disgusted and insulted that I considered leaving and not returning until the show was over (December2022/Jan 2023 — so at the end of the day with half an hour left of sunlight, I drove to the refuge and discharged my angst into the earth, air, natural world.. then stayed home for three or four days and worked through the ego.. but oh my, yes, there is the disgust of not being understood and the impulse to ‘burn it all’ .. thankfully there is a more sane person on the opposite side of the psyche that keeps me balanced.. but i suspect another encounter will happen — grrrrrrrrr. So.. thank you for this! Perhaps I will paint a red ‘something’ and put it smack into the middle and dare her to say it doesn’t belong! I’ll say it was painted in her honor!

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      1. I am so sorry to hear this news for it saddens me in many ways. First of all, for you the artist who brought so much to life in your creative endeavors.

        I am saddened for this person who chose to exert his/her uninformed opinion on how things should be organized. Whoever this was, is asleep to the artistic energy that flows all around us offering inspiration, reflection, enjoyment and courage. For that is what art does – it gives hope and shines light in dark places. Our hearts long to feel the power of beauty, to embrace the experience of living out loud as Emile Zola would say.

        I am saddened for those who will view the exhibition imperfectly – through the lens of someone who does not understand. Viewers want to meet the artist through their work, to explore the emotional nuances that come to the surface when you pause, reflect, acknowledge the conversation, unspoken, yet vital that reaches out from the artwork.

        I am howling at the moon with you, Lisa!!! I am comforted by a thought by Antoine de Saint-Exupery “A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”


      2. Lovely quote! So far no changes have been made, and most likely those people who will oversee the changes are stuck in the middle – but they have no way to assert their voices… I, on the other hand, have a strong backbone, and that ‘down time’ to go silent in the mind and let it all flow like in a dream that I don’t remember – and with each day I was better – not allowing her to have power over the quality of my day. It’ s time for me to write a post and walk you all through this show – and see in photos of the many people who are enchanted just the way it is. I guess part of our life lesson is to learn how to deal with surprises – and emerge with integrity intact….

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      3. Oh, that is a profound lesson to learn and on that I continue to relearn. I am looking forward to your post, Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing this experience. Sending many hugs and love your way.


  2. Thank you for posting the story of “The Red Studio” and the famous Artist. I find his putting little paper paintings all over his rooms interesting and I can identify with him on that. It is not hard to understand why “The Red Studio” was not valued or accepted at first. Perhaps, it was because there was so much “red”! It is hard for humans to appreciate something new and different from what they are used to. I am glad this painting with so much red color is now treasured and valued! !

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    1. I agree, Frances – we have difficulty appreciating something new and different, from what we know and can understand. I read that our brains are designed to find peace in knowing, in certainty. We scramble (at least I do) when we are confronted by the unknown. New ideas and fresh perspectives come with a caveat that we will be influenced by new knowledge. I am delighted that you joined me at the MoMA to view this exhibition!!!

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    1. I am beyond delighted that you joined me at the MoMA. The timing of the exhibition opening was serendipitous. My art calendar had featured Henri Matisse’s “The Pink Studio” the day I found out about the L’Atelier Rouge. Whenever I see a work of art that I don’t understand, I remember all those who rejected the painters we revere today. So, I take more time to pause and reflect.


    1. Wasn’t this an incredible video?! My art calendar featured “The Pink Studio” the day that I found out about this exhibition. It seems that we are not open to outliers until we pause, reflect and seek understanding. I am glad that The Red Studio found a home.

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      1. I loved how it swirled around the video prompting my eyes to chase around with it. I have no idea what that technique is called, but it certainly made things interesting.


    1. I am delighted that you joined me at the MoMA, Marina! I love our conversations and that we share the love for the colour red. You have added so much to my knowledge of art and creative endeavour. Sending many hugs!


    1. Can you imagine burning a painting in effigy, Elisabeth! YIKES!! This video reminded me that I need to stop, pause and reflect when I see a painting that I don’t understand. Would I have rejected Matisse’s The Red Studio like others did when it first came out? Would I have rejected Monet, Van Gogh!!? I shudder at the thought. Outliers demand our attention, our engagement because they challenge our values and societal norms. I am so glad that you joined me at the MoMA.

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