#FridayPainting: Home and the Homeless by Thomas Faed

Home and the Homeless by Thomas Faed National Galleries Scotland

Thomas Faed and his brothers, John and James, made a substantial contribution to Scottish painting through their scenes from Scottish history and contemporary domestic life. Their sister Susan Bell Faed (1827-1909) was also a painter and was often used as a model by her brothers. The circulation of prints made after the brothers’ paintings increased their popularity. Thomas’ work, with its strong narrative content inspired by Wilkie, brought him international renown. The brothers, originally from Gatehouse-of-Fleet, Kirkcudbright, trained in Edinburgh at the Trustees’ Academy, where Thomas won the life-class prize in 1847. Following his paintings’ success at the Royal Academy, Thomas moved to London in 1851. Among his patrons was the philanthropic baroness, Angela Burdett-Coutts, one of the wealthiest heiresses in Britain. National Galleries Scotland

Home and the Homeless by Thomas Faed

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15 thoughts on “#FridayPainting: Home and the Homeless by Thomas Faed

  1. This painting by Thomas Faed is not only beautiful and educational but it also brings to mind a picture of contrast, not only of those obviously of means, but also of pity for those clearly without means–the poorly dressed boy with his picture in front on the table leg and his teary eyed mother sitting beside him, equally poorly dressed. i am not sure,
    but I believe I detect a little sign of pity displayed by the Artist in this painting of contrast! Thank you for the addition of the educational histories of Leonardo da Vinci and Claude Monet. I was amazed by the story of Leonard da Vinci. It is obvious that there has not been another like time–ever! !

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    1. I am delighted that you enjoyed this post and video. Over the past two years, I have learned to travel virtually to art galleries and museums all over the world. Art Galleries, Libraries, Museums and Archives are creating opportunities via technology that bring knowledge and creative endeavors to our homes. I can travel to the Lourve from my kitchen table. It is really amazing and VERY exciting how technology is evolving.


  2. I know this painting. I’m not sure where and when.
    Perhaps you have posted other works of art by this artist, or family?
    Yes, I think it was here?


    1. I am delighted you joined me at the National Galleries Scotland, Liz. They have amazing short videos that provide provide the backstory of paintings. It is heartening to me that knowledge is becoming available and overcoming the barrier of location. Love our conversations.

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    1. I knew you would enjoy this painting and the background behind it, Robbie. Thomas Faed also painted Sir Walter Scott and his friends at Abbotsford. A remarkable painter. Many thanks for chasing art with me. I have found that I must run fast to keep up – so many wonderful stories held in artistic endeavour.

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