National Galleries Scotland: A Hidden Van Gogh Self-Portrait

Happy New Year! 

2022 was an extraordinary year for artistic endeavours and discoveries.  

July 2022, Vincent Van Gogh’s Hidden Self Portrait caused a media sensation. I can only imagine the shock and excitement at the National Galleries Scotland with the discovery of a hidden Vincent Van Gogh self portrait behind the painting of Head of a Peasant Woman, 1885.

We have discovered what is almost certainly a previously unknown self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh. Yes, you read that right!

National Galleries Scotland

What began as a cataloguing exercise prepping for the Royal Scottish Academy’s summer exhibition of French Impressionism, became a media sensation. Unseen from view for over a century, the self-portrait is covered by layers of glue and cardboard. According to National Galleries Scotland, “It may be possible to uncover the hidden self-portrait, but the process of removing the glue and cardboard will require delicate conservation work. Research is ongoing as to how that can be done without harming Head of a Peasant Woman.”

Vincent van Gogh

What better way to celebrate the ending of a remarkable year in art and welcome 2023, a new year of opportunities and possibilities.  As we enter 2023, let us remember the words of Vincent Van Gogh:

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.”

Vincent Van Gogh

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25 thoughts on “National Galleries Scotland: A Hidden Van Gogh Self-Portrait

      1. I am excited too, Rebecca. Terence will be in a conference for two whole days while I am there so I get to do whatever I want for as long as I want (he doesn’t always think one painting warrants five re-visits – hehe!)

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  1. Wow — that’s quite a discovery, Rebecca! Thank you for the information about the hidden van Gogh self-portrait, and for all the other valuable information about art you conveyed in 2022. Happy New Year, and wishing you and yours a great 2023!

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    1. Cans you imagine what it was like to see the image of Vincent Van Gogh appear in an x-ray!!! I’m certain that there was a huge gasp and an increase in heart rate. Thank you Dave for another stellar year of connection in 2022. It is good to enter a new year in the company of kindred spirits, and Anne Shirley would say.

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  2. Now, THAT’s news! I can only imagine how excited the conservator who discovered it must have been. The question now is will they be able to restore the image without damaging it? I hope they will make videos of the process!

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    1. Thank you, Marina for a wonderful year 2022. I share your excitement about entering a new year that promises more adventures, more exploration and more connection. Sending many hugs and lots of love back your way.

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