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Painting Sells for $35.6 Million

Someone ran out of money. That is how a story always starts. We usually hear the ending. And by that time nobody really knows or cares about the beginning. They just see a headline that proclaims: John Constable painting “The Lock” sells for $35.6 million. The seller, Baroness Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza, a former Miss Spain and […]


Terracotta Warriors: Tlingit Warrior

Tlingit Warrior by Una-Ann Moyer celebrates cultural influences. The Tlingit people were indigenous to the Pacific Northwest Coast of America. They call themselves Lingit – People of the Tides.  They have a rich and dynamic heritage that respects family traditions and honours oral history. The Tlingit society is a matrilineal society that is divided into […]


Happy Birthday, Antoni Gaudí!

“Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.” Antoni Gaudí December 2007, I travelled to Barcelona to experience Antoni Gaudí.  The Temple De La Sagrada Familia was breathtaking, even mesmerizing.  Although Antoni Gaudí’s architectural designs were in the fashion of the  Spanish variant of […]


Terracotta Warriors: The Protectors

How to Preserve Territory Do not alienate relatives. Do not neglect the masses. Treat associates well. Keep the four quarters under control. Do not lend national authority to another. Do not take from the have-nots to give more to the haves. Do not neglect fundamentals to deal with trivia. The Book of Six Strategies Map […]


Terracotta Warriors: The General

When there is disharmony in the nation, it cannot launch an army. When there is disharmony in an army, it cannot set forth a battlefront. When there is disharmony in a battlefront, it cannot proceed into combat. When there is disharmony in combat, victory cannot be assured. Wu Qi’s Art of War China’s history is […]