At Home with Carl Larsson

“A home is not dead, but living, and like all living things must obey the laws of nature by constantly changing.” Carl Larsson Annika Perry from Annika Perry’s Writing Blog, suggested that the Swedish Painter, Carl Larsson, would be an excellent addition to ChasingART’s “Home in Solitude” series. I had never heard of the painter,Continue reading “At Home with Carl Larsson”

Kaffe Fassett – 50 Years in Colour at Aberdeen Art Gallery

The Aberdeen has a newly refurbished Art Gallery.  How do I know?  Well that is a good question and one that a blogger friend and brilliant photographer, Scott K Marshall Photography (@skm1963) is able to answer.  His post,  Aberdeen Art Gallery # 1,  features a photo portfolio of the notable changes from the Aberdeen ArtContinue reading “Kaffe Fassett – 50 Years in Colour at Aberdeen Art Gallery”