#FridayPainting: Leo Putz “Lady in Blue”

Leo Putz was sixteen when he entered the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. His father, who was convinced of his son’s extraordinary artistic gift, sent him to the Académie Julian in Paris. After military service, Leo Putz returned to Munich and opened his first studio in 1897, the same year he became a member ofContinue reading “#FridayPainting: Leo Putz “Lady in Blue””

Happy Halloween with Bohumil Kubišta

My daily art calendar always provides a teachable moment.  Today, on Halloween, I was greeted by the artist, Bohumil Kubišta’s painting “Still Life with a Skull.”   My first thought was: A brilliant artwork to schedule for October 31, 2019 and Halloween. My second thought was:  Who is Bohumil Kubišta?  I confess I had no knowledgeContinue reading “Happy Halloween with Bohumil Kubišta”

Emil Nolde – Expressionist

“Sometimes it seems to me that I am capable of absolutely nothing, but that nature through me can accomplish a great deal.” Emil Nolde On August 7, 1867, Emil Nolde was born. His destiny was to be one of the first Expressionists, and a member of Die Bruckel (The Bridge), a group of German ExpressionistContinue reading “Emil Nolde – Expressionist”