Terracotta Warriors: The Protectors

How to Preserve Territory Do not alienate relatives. Do not neglect the masses. Treat associates well. Keep the four quarters under control. Do not lend national authority to another. Do not take from the have-nots to give more to the haves. Do not neglect fundamentals to deal with trivia. The Book of Six Strategies MapContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Protectors”

Art Nouveau – William Morris & Medieval Knights

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris William Morris (March 24, 1834 – October 3, 1896) was brilliant, rich, spoiled and somewhat temperamental. Anyone inviting him over for dinner would agonize over the meal arrangements, given his penchant for hurling food outContinue reading “Art Nouveau – William Morris & Medieval Knights”

Terracotta Warriors: The General

When there is disharmony in the nation, it cannot launch an army. When there is disharmony in an army, it cannot set forth a battlefront. When there is disharmony in a battlefront, it cannot proceed into combat. When there is disharmony in combat, victory cannot be assured. Wu Qi’s Art of War China’s history isContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The General”

Terracotta Warriors: The Spirit of the Warrior

The Spirit of the Warrior guards the pathway to the food court at Oakridge Shopping Center. The contrast of a brilliant orange and turquoise over black was striking. It took some time to find The Spirit of the Warrior because I was looking outside, rather than inside, the complex. Qin Shi Huangdi’s terracotta soldiers possessedContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Spirit of the Warrior”

Terracotta Warriors: The Last Empress

The Last Empress came to power in 1861, during a period marked by chaos and conflict. The Opium Wars (1840-1842) had taken place a mere 20 years before, followed by the 1850 Taiping revolt that spread to Yangzi and Nanjing. In 1860, an Anglo-French force attacked Beijing and looted the summer palace. At the sameContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Last Empress”