Terracotta Warriors: Twelve

Legend tells us that the genesis of the Chinese calendar can be traced back to Qin Shi Huangdi, the Dragon Emperor.  Even though the People’s Republic of China currently uses the Gregorian calendar for civil purposes, the traditional calendar marks the festival celebrations.  There are twelve animals associated with Chinese Zodiac, each one having specialContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Twelve”

Terracotta Warriors: Steel Unwoken

The straightforward definition of steel is a metal consisting of iron and carbon.  The symbolism behind the word is much more complex.  Determined, unyielding, strong, bold and resolute come to mind. Dan Stotten captures the spirit of “made of steel” in his artistic portrayal of the Terracotta Warrior named Steel Unwoken.  As I gazed intoContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Steel Unwoken”

Terracotta Warriors: Rising Phoenix

A Rising Phoenix stands guard at the domestic check-in counter at the Vancouver Airport.   The artist, Erin Foggoa created a Terracotta Warrior that embodies the spirit of the iconic winged creature that is featured prominently in countless mythologies. In China, the Phoenix (fenghuang) symbolizes virtue, honour and grace. It is the feminine counterpart to theContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Rising Phoenix”

Terracotta Warriors: Metallic Warrior

The Metallic Warrior represents the strength and unity in the first empire of the Qin.  Qin Shi Huangdi means  “First August Emperor,” a fitting name for the man who accomplished the unification of China. Qin Shi Huangdi’s son and successor, Er Shi, lacked his father’s strength. Er Shi’s reign lasted three years before the Qin EmpireContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Metallic Warrior”

Terracotta Warriors: The Golden Warrior

Throughout China’s history,  yellow or gold was considered to be the most beautiful colour.  Found in royal attire and used to decorate royal palaces and temples, yellow corresponds with the earth and signifies wealth, happiness and freedom from worldly cares. Yellow symbolized ancient China’s five legendary emperors, traditionally believed to be the founders of theContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Golden Warrior”

Terracotta Warriors: The Guardian Warrior

The Mandate of Heaven was the power of the gods over the emperors who ruled on the Dragon Throne, sanctioning their earthly authority so long as they governed their people compassionately. The emperor’s reign was to be just and benevolent. If the emperor failed, the Mandate of Heaven would be withdrawn, which would be markedContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Guardian Warrior”