Terracotta Warriors: The General

When there is disharmony in the nation, it cannot launch an army. When there is disharmony in an army, it cannot set forth a battlefront. When there is disharmony in a battlefront, it cannot proceed into combat. When there is disharmony in combat, victory cannot be assured. Wu Qi’s Art of War China’s history isContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The General”

Terracotta Warriors: The Spirit of the Warrior

The Spirit of the Warrior guards the pathway to the food court at Oakridge Shopping Center. The contrast of a brilliant orange and turquoise over black was striking. It took some time to find The Spirit of the Warrior because I was looking outside, rather than inside, the complex. Qin Shi Huangdi’s terracotta soldiers possessedContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Spirit of the Warrior”

Terracotta Warriors: The Last Empress

The Last Empress came to power in 1861, during a period marked by chaos and conflict. The Opium Wars (1840-1842) had taken place a mere 20 years before, followed by the 1850 Taiping revolt that spread to Yangzi and Nanjing. In 1860, an Anglo-French force attacked Beijing and looted the summer palace. At the sameContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Last Empress”

Chasing Terracotta Warriors

The British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities/Easter Seals is in the art news again! This time they are undertaking the Terracotta Warriors Art Project. For me – it’s a perfect opportunity to chase art. The British Columbia Lions Society connects the enjoyment of art with the satisfaction of giving to a worthy cause.Continue reading “Chasing Terracotta Warriors”