Christmas in Poland with Antoni Piotrowski

Antoni Piotrowski was a Polish Romanticist and realist painter who worked as a war correspondent and illustrator for various Western European weeklies and periodicals in late-19th century during the Liberation of Bulgaria. He saw first-hand the horrors of the wars,  painting scenes from the Battle of Slivnitsa, the storming of Tsaribrod and the Bulgarian entryContinue reading “Christmas in Poland with Antoni Piotrowski”

Christmas in Germany with Hans Baluschek

Hans Baluschek’s painting,  Beim Weihnachtsbaumverkauf  (translated: When selling Christmas trees) reminded me of the festive spirit that pervades the month of December.   A father with parcels in hand, accompanied by a young daughter, is in the background. Father and daughter appear to be entering a grocery store. But the focus is the conversation in theContinue reading “Christmas in Germany with Hans Baluschek”

Christmas in France with Marcel Rieder

We have come to France to meet up with Marcel Rieder who lived from 1862 -1942.  The young woman decorating the tree is surrounded by a soft, gentle light that emanates from the lamp.  Marcel Reider was fascinated by lighting and created intimate outdoor and interior paintings using lamps and sunsets. He was influenced byContinue reading “Christmas in France with Marcel Rieder”

Christmas in Denmark with Viggo Johansen

Glædelig jul fra Danmark Merry Christmas from Denmark Viggo Johansen (January 3, 1851- December 18, 1935) envisioned Christmas as a time for children as can be seen by the two paintings, A Christmas Story and Merry Christmas.  The lights shine brightly as children look with wonderment at the decorated tree.  There are no presents (orContinue reading “Christmas in Denmark with Viggo Johansen”

Garlands, Candy Canes, Stars, Angels & Ribbons

December’s festive spirit is symbolized by the stately Christmas Tree.  This month ChasingART will celebrate this noble tradition by exploring, through the creativity of artists,  how an evergreen conifer – spruce, pine or fir – came to hold a special place in our homes and in our hearts at Christmastime. To be clear, we areContinue reading “Garlands, Candy Canes, Stars, Angels & Ribbons”

The Three Benchmarks of Christmas

Christmas Eve brings together all the magic of the holiday season.  The last-minute shopping completed, we ready our hearts for the special day anticipated since the beginning of December.  All the plans have been made, the gifts wrapped and the baking completed. And then the day comes… Christmas has a number of benchmarks that haveContinue reading “The Three Benchmarks of Christmas”