Terracotta Warriors: Enlightened Warrior

The Great Banquet and Auction was fast approaching as I headed out on my search for the Enlightened Warrior at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.  I missed him by hours.  When he stood, was a barren corner.  I must confess that I was disappointed and just a little bit frustrated by my timing.  But I didContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Enlightened Warrior”

Terracotta Warriors: Treasure Map

The last post on my Terracotta Warrior project was on October 26, 2012, which spoke about reflecting upon the glory days. There are still more to come.   Seven warriors have been waiting patiently for me to bring them out for viewing. Treasure Map by Jeanette Jarville guarded the fishing village of Steveston which is onContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Treasure Map”

Terracotta Warriors: Reflect Upon the Glory Days

  The Terracotta Warrior guarding the grand entrance of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce bears an all-embracing name: Reflect Upon the Glory Days, Be the Eternal Power of Canada. The first recorded visit by Chinese people to North America was in 1788. It was a small contingency. Only 30 to 40 men came from ChinaContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Reflect Upon the Glory Days”

Terracotta Warriors: Mystical East, Ancient Land of Civilization

With his death,  the First Emperor, Qin Shi Huang  was said to have transformed into a powerful Dragon. From that time on, the Dragon became the symbol of empire, portrayed in imperial yellow with five claws on each foot.  The dragon narrative, however, pre-dates the First Emperor by decades.  Legend has it that a carpContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Mystical East, Ancient Land of Civilization”

Terracotta Warriors: Reverence

Qin Shi Huang spared no expense at creating his final resting place. He called upon approximately 700,000 workers from the far reaches of all his provinces.  Their task was to construct a subterranean city within a gigantic mound to replicate a scale model of Qin Shi Huang’s palace, his empire and the world. The workersContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Reverence”

Terracotta Warriors: The Golden Warrior October

I was working on a deadline.  There were only a few days left before the grand auction (more on this later) when these magnificent warriors would find new homes to guard.  It was late at night before I came to The Golden Warrior.  He gleamed under the lights of the city, a testament that historyContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Golden Warrior October”