“Louveciennes in the Snow” by Alfred Sisley

‘Louveciennes in the Snow’ by Alfred Sisley The painting ‘Louveciennes in the Snow’, by the renowned Impressionist painter Alfred Sisley, is a serene winter landscape. The painting depicts a small village in the French countryside, blanketed with a thick layer of snow. Surrounded by trees and hills, with a gray sky and a few patchesContinue reading ““Louveciennes in the Snow” by Alfred Sisley”

Happy Birthday, Alfred Sisley

“Though the artist must remain master of his craft, the surface, at times raised to the highest pitch of loveliness, should transmit to the beholder the sensation which possessed the artist.” Alfred Sisley, Impressionist landscape painter. October 30, 1839 – January 29, 1899 Of all  the Impressionists, he was the most consistent in his commitment to painting the landscapeContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Alfred Sisley”