Terracotta Warriors: The Son of Heaven

The Son of Heaven was the name bestowed on any sovereign of Imperial China reigning between the founding of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BCE to the fall of Yuan Shaikai’s Empire in 1916.  Emperors were revered as the ruler of “All Under Heaven.”  Erin Foggoa embodied the title, Son of Heaven, with the Dragon,Continue reading “Terracotta Warriors: The Son of Heaven”

Terracotta Warriors: Rising Phoenix

A Rising Phoenix stands guard at the domestic check-in counter at the Vancouver Airport.   The artist, Erin Foggoa created a Terracotta Warrior that embodies the spirit of the iconic winged creature that is featured prominently in countless mythologies. In China, the Phoenix (fenghuang) symbolizes virtue, honour and grace. It is the feminine counterpart to theContinue reading “Terracotta Warriors: Rising Phoenix”