#FridayPainting: Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) “Queen Eleanor of France”

Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) was celebrated for his traditional techniques of Early Netherlandish painting which was influenced by more contemporary Renaissance painting styles. He was a leading painter active in Antwerp. Very little is known about his personal life other than he was married twice, and had two children by his first marriage –Continue reading “#FridayPainting: Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) “Queen Eleanor of France””

#FridayPainting: Paul Signac “Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde “

“The golden age has not passed; it lies in the future.” Paul Signac Life is constantly evolving. Nothing remains constant. So, it is with gratitude that I view Paul Signac’s “Notre Dame,” a watercolour on paper, completed in 1885. In our reality, time travel is not possible, without the help of artists and all creativesContinue reading “#FridayPainting: Paul Signac “Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde “”

#FridayPainting: Shore House by George Wesley Bellows

“Try everything that can be done. Be deliberate. Be spontaneous. Be thoughtful and painstaking. Be abandoned and impulsive. Learn your own possibilities.” George Bellows Bellows’s fame came early and has proved long lasting. At the age of twenty-three, he attained membership in the National Academy of Design, and at the age of thirty-one became aContinue reading “#FridayPainting: Shore House by George Wesley Bellows”

#FridayPainting:Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase by Vincent van Gogh

“I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly’.” Vincent Van Gogh I begin each day by stopping by my daily art calendar to unveil the painting of the day. Even my morning coffee must wait until I have taken this moment of “painting meditation.”Continue reading “#FridayPainting:Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase by Vincent van Gogh”