5-Minute Meditation with Vincent Van Gogh

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to improve mental and physical health. It is a form of relaxation that can help reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase overall wellbeing. Vincent Van Gogh’s A Wheatfield, with Cypresses was my first experience mediating while viewing a painting. Vincent Van Gogh’s A Wheatfield,Continue reading “5-Minute Meditation with Vincent Van Gogh”

GOLD: Christmas at the National Gallery – Dressed in Gold

To mark the month of December, ChasingART traveled virtually to The National Gallery to view Stories of Gold. This marvelous collection of videos came out in 2017 to celebrate this special time of year. The second video answers the question:  How do artists embrace gold in fashion? Gold has been used in art for centuries.Continue reading “GOLD: Christmas at the National Gallery – Dressed in Gold”

GOLD: Christmas at the National Gallery – Stories of Gold

Winter has arrived in Vancouver, with the announcement of a snowfall warning that promises more will come.  Christmas lights have appeared in neighbouring buildings, their brightness muted by the white flurries.  Even so, they remind me that we have entered the festive season of December, a month that brings us many celebrations. Please join meContinue reading “GOLD: Christmas at the National Gallery – Stories of Gold”

#FridayPainting: “Surprised” by Henri J.F. Rousseau

“When I go out into the countryside and see the sun and the green and everything flowering, I say to myself, Yes indeed, all that belongs to me!” Henri J.F. Rousseau “Rousseau was a self-taught amateur artist who took up painting as a hobby. He viewed his painting very seriously, despite facing ridicule from someContinue reading “#FridayPainting: “Surprised” by Henri J.F. Rousseau”