#Friday Painting: Ford Maddox Brown “The Irish Girl”

What a miserable sad thing it is to be fit for painting only and nothing else. Ford Madox Brown Art galleries hold stories. They are clearly evident in artwork which have been carefully placed under lighting positioned for viewers to consider the esthetics of the painting or sculpture. But there are many stories behind theContinue reading “#Friday Painting: Ford Maddox Brown “The Irish Girl””

New York Public Library – Into the Archives

“Serving more than 17 million patrons a year, and millions more online, the Library holds more than 55 million items, from books, e-books, and DVDs to renowned research collections used by scholars from around the world. Housed in the iconic 42nd Street library and three other research centers, NYPL’s historical collections hold such treasures asContinue reading “New York Public Library – Into the Archives”

Art Galleries Hold Our Stories

Art Galleries hold our stories. There is a profound need for humanity to be remembered. To declare that we have walked this earth and in some way left our mark for others to know we have lived. Every village, hamlet, town and city has set aside a room, house, building to exhibit art in theContinue reading “Art Galleries Hold Our Stories”