#FridayPainting: Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) “Queen Eleanor of France”

Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) was celebrated for his traditional techniques of Early Netherlandish painting which was influenced by more contemporary Renaissance painting styles. He was a leading painter active in Antwerp. Very little is known about his personal life other than he was married twice, and had two children by his first marriage –Continue reading “#FridayPainting: Joos van Cleve (1485 -1541) “Queen Eleanor of France””

Garlands, Candy Canes, Stars, Angels & Ribbons

December’s festive spirit is symbolized by the stately Christmas Tree.  This month ChasingART will celebrate this noble tradition by exploring, through the creativity of artists,  how an evergreen conifer – spruce, pine or fir – came to hold a special place in our homes and in our hearts at Christmastime. To be clear, we areContinue reading “Garlands, Candy Canes, Stars, Angels & Ribbons”

Art Nouveau – Gustav Klimt

“I can paint and draw. I believe this myself and a few other people say that they believe this too. But I’m not certain of whether it’s true.” Gustav Klimt On July 14, 1862, the world welcomed Gustav Klimt.  He was destined to be a symbolist painter and one of the most famous members ofContinue reading “Art Nouveau – Gustav Klimt”